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Filled Can Seaming Machine

Filled Can Seaming Machine Filled Can Seaming Machine

Fully automatic filled can seaming machine is designed for seaming of round tin, aluminum or composite cans. It seams on the principle of rotating can. Standalone machine is with its own conveyor belt and a fully automatic can and lid feeder.
On the free stations, before the seaming operation, other modules such as filler, gassing or other customized special solutions can be implementable. The exit conveyor is ideal for product labeling by inkjet printer. The machine is made of fully stainless material for corrosion resistance in wet or dry operations.
Functional Description:
The filled or empty can is fed to the machine by the conveyor. An indexing star picks up the can and feeds it to various stations. Simultaneously, a lid is taken from the magazine and positioned under the seaming station. The can is lifted up, the lid is picked and both are pressed together against the seaming chuck. The can is rotated just now and sealed airtight and reliably with the seaming rollers mounted on a lever system. Then, the can is stopped, released and the indexing star passes the seamed can to the exit conveyor.
Fully automatic can and lid feeding
Machine is made of fully stainless material, in this way hygienic and easy to clean
Suitable for filled can seaming
Constant working height and easy can height adjustment
Quick and easy tool changing for different sizes
High performance
Servo Motor and PLC controller with text display for error messages
CE-compliant in accordance with the design requirements of the machinery directive

Technical Data

Seam of Round tin cans, aluminum or composite cans
Seam type Double seam (5 layer)
Number of rollers 2
Capacity 20 - 40 cans/minute
Diameter range 52 - 110 mm
Height range 50 - 220 mm
Total power - Supply voltage 2.2 kW - 380 VAC 50/60 Hz


Filled Can Seaming Machine